Successful Short Stories runs again, book early to get in.

Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR

Next start date: Thurs 14th Sept, 19:30-21:30

A course for both new and experienced writers to explore short stories through class exercises, reading and group discussion.

Over the weeks we will look at story ideas, point of view, dialogue, sentence structures, scene shaping, and plot and character development. The group will be encouraged to finish and share a couple of short stories. As the weeks progress we will expand the key elements of short stories – conflict, story arcs, journeys and endings.

This is a course where imaginations will be fired, work and fun will be had in equal measure,
and support given every step of the way.

Collective Writing

A playful series of workshops designed to explore the freedom and enthusiasm that collective writing can generate. Rather than instructing creativity to arise, we will encourage it to appear through improvisation exercises and inventive word play. Words will be flung around the room (quite literally) and laughter will take precedence over end product. We will examine creative inspirations from poetry, theatre, literature and art and each workshop will culminate in a shared writing journey conjured by what we have explored in the session. This workshop is suitable for beginners, and those more experienced, from any of the arts that would like to embark on a journey of writing discovery.

Writing behind the Scene! July 22nd

Creative Evolution is a intensive writing workshop with a difference. Instead of giving instruction, of imposing opinions and ideas, the workshop is structured to evoke the creative within each individual. 

In this workshop we are going to look at the meaning behind words. Where is the meaning of words, where does it hide and what does it look like? We will begin the unique journey by inhabiting the space where the meaning of words lives. There will be evocations by words of great poets and writers, there will be theatre based exercises to free the mind and enhance the ridiculous. There will be shared writing journeys, word invention and discussion on the importance of inner or outer meaning. 

This is a shared workshop, there is no criticism or praise, but there sure should be a hell of a lot of fun! £10 on door

“The long, long road over the moors and up into the forest - who trod it into being first of all? Man, a human being, the first that came here. There was no path before he came.” 
Growth of the Soil, Knut Hamsun

Let us take this journey, let us be the first to step beyond where we have been, be it in the pathways of the mind, in our personal path, in our shared path. The world waits, we just have to turn around.

July 9/16/23/2015

A series of Creative Evolution workshops to dazzle, befuddle and ultimately set creative pulses racing! In these workshops we will look at the flexibility of words, delve into the inspirations of poets and writers, some obscure, some well known. We will explore how words live, how they can dance, amaze and heal. There will be play with poetry, minds and tales in order to help us journey back to a time before instruction and expectation. There will be many games that, apart from being fun, will help us to get closer to the wonderful creative spark that lives inside each of us. With play, a shared writing journey and a no praise, no criticism environment it becomes easier to experience the deep meaning that writing and reading can evoke. You were never the same before , why be the same now.

Series of 3 workshops in Forest Row 

May 13th, 2015

The Creative Evolution workshop was born during the writing of my book City of a Million Dots. Inspired by the work of Arno Stern and Michelle Cassou, both artists, who found that conditioning, expectation, criticism and even praise were more detrimental to the creative process than helpful. 

In the workshop I encourage creative exploration through writing with an emphasis on process rather than product. Without end product there is greater possibility for the individual to experience the beauty of creativity without judgment. We will explore how words live, how they can dance, amaze and heal. There is also play with poetry, myths and fairy tales to understand the necessity of movement, change, retreat, return  and empowerment without having to delve publicly into autobiography. Intensive un-teaching is used to coax intuition out of its cave in order to let the creative lead and undo expectations. In a writing class a form of ‘jamming’ can occur where people intuitively start exploring the same themes – we would  take this further with ‘The Boat’ where different people write the rudder, the wheel, the sails, the wind, the sea – where that leads – the land, the people, the stars, the spirits, the possible and definitely, the impossible!               

Dive into the sea to get to the top of the mountain!