The process of writing a book was very liberating for me. I became so enamored with the writing process, which took four years, that I began teaching writing. I started teaching at Synergy Creative community, an organization for people who have experienced mental health issues. From there I moved to working in Evolution Arts Centre in Brighton where I taught short story writing and poetry for a couple of years. I started teaching home educated kids for a couple of years too and then, when I was  doing 1-1 individual needs work with a young autistics boy I began to realise the importance of writing as an extraordinary communication tool, something that transcends many difficulties that people experience.



  'A "must read" for radical thinkers who are ready for a wild ride!'

D. Bowen, Amazon 5 * review  

 If you feel inclined towards having new ideas, or different ideas to the ones you had yesterday, this book is certainly for you.

Tim, Amazon 5 * review 

 Sumptuous, sensual seething wit combines with a complex narrative. 

R. Johnson, Amazon 5 * review  


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